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1970's Black Label Frye Lace Up Campus Boot with Tall Stacked Leather Heel - Women's Size 7 1/2 - 1970's Frye Boots



These highly desired and collectible authentic Frye boots from Marlborough, Massachusetts are in fantastic condition considering they are almost 40 years old. The patina of the leather is lovely and adds a beautifully worn look. There is some discoloration from a dye that seemed to have gotten loose on the boots - Perhaps a cobbler/leathersmith can fix them for you. They have also been resoled with Vibram brand soles/heel pads.

The difference between Frye's made after 1980 is the quality and craftsmanship put into the overall boot. Although the boots were made by machines in the 1970's they then had to be finished by leathersmiths and cobblers to obtain the high quality pieces sent to shops around the country.

Frye's made in the 1970's have but one BLACK label in the right boot (this one has been partially removed but make no mistake they are Frye boots). There is no brand logo stamped in the boot which is also an indication of the boot being made after 1980. Anytime someone claims they have a pair of Frye boots from the 1970's and you can see a stamp on the side of the boots, well, they are selling a newer boot. The

These boots are AUTHENTIC vintage 1970's Frye's.
Brand: Frye Boot Company
Made in the USA
Condition: 9 out of 10
Women's 7 1/2 B (US).


heel to toe: 9.5"
width across ball of foot: 3.25"
heel: 2"
length from top of boot to bottom of heel: 15.5"

10 eyelet
24 brass rivets

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