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PRINCE - Liberty, Love Symbol #2 // Prince and the New Power Generation

Prince is one of the most important American musicians to ever live. A lot of music talk over drinks seems to come down to, "Prince or Michael Jackson?" Personally, I think Prince was where's its at as he played all of his own instruments, wrote most of his own songs and carried himself so cool. Plus, he wasn't creepy like MJ. Anywho...
This tee represents his 1991 transition from his name "Prince" to "Prince and the New Power Generation" which would then change to this "The Symbol". According to the singer-songwriter it represented androgyny and a dispute between he and Warner Brothers whom he decided to leave in 1995/96.

On the left sleeve it reads "LOVE" with the right reading "SEX".
Condition: 10 out of 10
Tee is a men's size XL
100% Cotton
Made of USA fabric

Measurements taken while item was laid flat:

across shoulders: 23.5"
pit to pit: 23.5"
neckline to bottom: 32.5"

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